Physical slots vs online slots

Physical slots


Slot machines in physical casinos have two types: classic and video slots. The gameplay in both types is similar, except for a few differences:

  • Place a coin or token inside the machine. Although currently many do not require this, because it can be done with casino cards.
  • Lower the lever or press a button to spin the reels, either in physical or video. There are 3-reel classic slots and 5-reel video slots.

Once the reels stop spinning, if you’re on the classic version and you manage to match the symbols on the same line, you win. Now, if you are in the video slots where there are many more symbols, you will find up to 20 pay lines and many combinations. Therefore, the chance of winning increases, but you must be clear about how each machine works and what value each combination has. Since the value of the combination of the symbols varies in each machine.



We can get online slots in all online casinos, both in its demo version and in its real money version. This is one of the favorite games of many, and playing its online version is easy:

Locate in our list “POPULAR SLOTS” the game in which you want to try your luck. Remember that in this list you can read the review of the game, try its free version and then go to the version with real money. For the free version you do not need to register, or download any App, just enter through us in the “PLAY FREE” button.

Once you have decided on the game where you are going to play for real money, click on the “Play for money” button; so we will take you to the casino and give you access to the welcome bonus, which you can use to start playing. All this without the need for you to search for or type any promotional code.

Register at the casino following the steps indicated, verify your account and make the first deposit.

Enter the game, select your bet and press spin.

Cross your fingers and hope the game does everything for you. The game will take care of assembling the lines and tell you if you have achieved winning combinations. To improve your experience and probability of winning, in addition to practicing in the demo versions, you can check the paytable; this will help you understand the paylines and the bets you can place.

Some machines have extra games, which give you access to special bonuses and free spins, you just have to let yourself be guided by the game.



As we have already seen, online slots arise from physical slots and owe their current popularity to them. And although they have a similar dynamic, we can notice certain differences:

Online slots have a very careful visual aspect with next-generation graphics. Physical slots keep their usual look.

A classic slot machine has 3 reels and one pay line. Online slots can have up to 5 reels.

The fact of having more reels means that online slots can have more than a thousand pay lines, so the way you play varies a bit. Above all, because you have to control more what you bet on each roll.

Online real money slots have more game possibilities. They include second screens, mini games or special bonuses.

Online slot machines have progressive jackpots that increase without a maximum limit. Classic slots usually have a fixed jackpot.

This means that if you want to apply tricks to win the jackpot in slot machines, in the first case it will be more difficult. But we recommend you read our tips to play better and bet more efficiently.

The themes and symbols of the classic Spanish slots are always the same. Those of online casino slots are really varied and innovative.

To play slot machines you do not need to travel anywhere. From the comfort of your home or wherever you are, you can access thousands of games and casinos; in addition to enjoying the full range of games, even from the palm of your hand with your mobile device. While to play in physical slots, you must incur extra expenses such as moving to a physical casino.

In online slots you can play for free and as much as you want, before betting. Also, you can see for yourself all the advantages that real money slots bring to you.

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