The Labouchere system applied to blackjack

Labouchere system

The Labouchere system is a bet management system based on a sequence of numbers and that seeks to respond to both the player’s profit expectations and the chances of recovering losses.

In this article we will see how to correctly apply this system and use it in the game of blackjack, making it an excellent tool for managing the value of the bet. Keep reading and join us in this article to find out how to take advantage of this ingenious betting system.

Blackjack and the Labouchere system

Although Labouchere’s roulette strategy is well known, his methodology can also be applied to the game of blackjack. In this exciting game, participants bet against the dealer. The bet consists of getting the best cards, that is, whoever gets close to 21 points without going over that value wins.

Although there is little intervention during the game, such as doubling down, splitting hands or surrendering, the game allows the player to set the value of the bet each game, making it the ideal game type for this system.

Get to know the Labouchere system

Labouchere system

The Labouchere system is considered a negative progression system, just like the Martingale type systems. In this way, what the Labouchere system does is record losses in order to recover them throughout the games.

Unlike the Martingale system, in which the player doubles the value of the bet after losing the previous one, thus recovering the loss, this system does not seek an immediate recovery of the value of the bet, but to incorporate this loss in future bets throughout the game. With this method, two consecutive losses are recovered into a single win.

Why is this system a favorite of blackjack players?

This preference is due to the fact that the game allows the bettor himself to define a predefined list of bet values with their possible results. Thus, a blackjack bettor can visualize a series of games and define in advance the theoretical values that he believes will win. We will see that this list will be important because, depending on the result, values will be added or added.

Create a list

Create a list

The bettor who wishes to play blackjack online must create a theoretical list of the amounts that he wishes to bet, so that the sum of this list is equal to the amount that the bettor wishes to receive in winnings.

These amounts must fit the player’s bankroll, but must be less than half of what the player actually wants to bet on each game. We’ll see why.

Suppose a player wants to receive 100 reais. Thus, the following list of bets is created:

20 – 15 – 25 – 15 – 25

This is not the list of bets, but the basic list that adds the amounts that the bettor wants to win.

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