How to get profits with free spins on slots?

free spins on slots

The best way to get money in a casino with free advances, is to get a not very high amount while playing with free advances.

A bonus of 5 euros is perfect to start playing real money online slots. This way, the total amount you have to wager before you can make a withdrawal is also small.

So when the free previews run out, it’s time to get your big win. Sometimes you can remove the free advance bonus wagering requirements by increasing your wager.



Your preferred online casino (with a 30x wagering requirement) lets you play 10 free spins on a no deposit slot machine. During free previews, you win an amount of €2. That money is added as bonus money to your account. Due to the wagering requirement, it is necessary to wager it 30 times. That is, if we multiply 30 x 2, it gives us that we have to play a total of €60 before we can withdraw it.

Right after the free previews are over, you start playing for real money. For example with a bet of €0.10. You are lucky and get a nice prize of 150 times your bet. You would get a total of €15.

You raise your bet, for example to €0.50 and continue playing. With a bet of €0.50, you need 120 bets to clear your bonus. Now you play the 120 bets and you are lucky, and you will get the bonus of €50.

It seems incredible but you can really win €50 playing slot machines with free advances. Without depositing a single cent! Then you will now have the right to make your withdrawal.

If you had won enough prizes during the free previews, the amount of bets would be higher. So it’s harder to get. For example, if you win €20 on slots with free advances, the total bet would be €600 (instead of €60) before you can withdraw the money.



Slot machine games with free advances will give you the opportunity to try a new casino with free spins or game; this means, without having to make a deposit.

You won’t have to risk your own money, but you still play for real money.

From Casino Slam we recommend that you take the opportunity to enjoy free bar slots games and get real winnings.

We work hard to get you the best free spins bonuses in exclusive casinos, which you won’t find when you walk directly into the casino. Enjoy slots with free advances and good luck!

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