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RHOMA Membership Renewal 2019

On behalf of the RHOMA Board of Directors, allow me first of all to extend to you and your loved ones all our best wishes for this new year.This is also the time year for us to invite you to renew your RHOMA membership for the year 2019.

Your association, RHOMA, is engaged in a number of activities to promote a strong and professional Foreign Service, to contribute to education in foreign affairs and diplomacy, to promote an appreciation of the history, achievements, traditions and standards of the Canadian Foreign Service, and to present views on the development and implementation of policies related to international affairs. A separate report on the activities of the association over the past year was sent to your attention last month.

For all these good reasons and to maintain the general camaraderie of RHOMA’s fellowship, we encourage you to renew your 2019 membership, covering the period of January to the end of December. The membership fee is maintained at $60.00. As always, your early payment is greatly appreciated.
There are two ways to effect payment:

On-Line: The preferred method is the PayPal option that will allow members to pay effortlessly and electronically and incur no additional charges for the convenience of transacting on-line. This is done by clicking on RHOMA’s 2019 membership renewal link:

Under ‘Choose a way to pay’, PayPal provides you with two electronic payment options: 1) Pay with PayPal; or 2) Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card. Members who would like to proceed with Option 1 but who do not already have a PayPal account will need to open one (ONCE ONLY). They can do so by visiting http and following the directions to ‘Sign Up’.

Once completed, members should click on RHOMA’s 2019 membership renewal link, provided above, and follow the instructions.

By mail: Enclose your cheque payable to RHOMA in the amount of $60.00 and address it to RHOMA, PO Box 53190, Stn. Rideau Centre, Ottawa, ON, K1N 1C5.

We are also putting the final touches to the 2019 Directory that will include the coordinates of all members and associates who have fully paid their 2018 annual membership fees.

Should you have any corrections to suggest (e.g. a change of address), please let us know by February 8, at the following address:

Finally, we invite you to visit our “new and much improved” website – You won’t be disappointed!

We look forward to your continuing membership in RHOMA and extend our very best
wishes for 2019.

Louise L. Léger
RHOMA Treasurer



November 11, 2018, Ottawa

Terry Colfer (standing on left of the World War 2 veteran in the wheelchair), a RHOMA member since 2003, joins veterans during the 2018 Remembrance Day ceremony at the War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. Prior to joining the Foreign Service Terry, a graduate of The Royal Military College class of ‘65, was an Army paratrooper and served in the Gaza Strip.

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