How to place bets on blackjack

place bets on blackjack

To use this methodology, the bettor will always use the first and last number on the list. If you win, you will mark the numbers; if he loses, he will write down the two numbers or the sum of them at the end.

Start of the first round

The blackjack bettor must start his first bet, and he will do so using the sum of the first and last numbers. Therefore, 20 + 25 = 45 reais.

The player bets and wins.

Perfect, those two values 20 and 25 are discarded from the list.

Second round

Let’s look at the second bet:

20 – 15 – 25 – 15 – 25.

We will use the first and last number available in the list:

15 – 25 – 15.

  In this way, since we will use 15 + 15, the bet will be 30 reais.

The player lost.

In this case, it will add the missing value to the end of the list.

Therefore, we will have:

15 – 25 – 15 – 30.

Third round

The next bet will be 15 + 30 = 45 reais.

The player won.

In this case, we are going to discard the numbers used.

The list remains:

15 – 25 – 15 – 30.

Fourth round

We are going to bet 25 + 15 = 40 reais.

The player lost, so we’ll add the value.

The list remains:

25 – 15 – 40.

Fifth round

On the fifth hand, we will bet 25 + 40 = 65 reais.

The player lost again.

The list remains:

25 – 15 – 40 – 65.

Round six

In this round, we will bet 25 + 65 = 90 reais.

The player won. Next, we are going to remove the earned values from the list.

Therefore, we have:

25 – 15 – 40 – 65.

Seventh round

Seventh round

In this hand, the player will use the last two values 15 + 40 = 55 real.

The player won and the list came to an end.

In case he loses, the amount of 55 reais would be added to the list and the player would continue playing.

Analysis of the games

As we saw, in each game that the player won, he removed the values from the list and kept betting the missing values. If he lost, the player wrote down the sum of the values at the bottom of the list.

With this method, the winnings that the player wanted were obtained: 100 reais. Furthermore, it was not necessary for the bettor to win every game. He played 2 more games than he had imagined and only won 4 out of 7. Even so, he achieved his goal: to win 100 reais.

Specifications of the Labouchere method in blackjack games

The game of blackjack allows for a single bet or multiple bet amounts, and accommodates many wager management methods. With the Labouchere system, the blackjack player chooses the theoretical amount he wants to win and starts betting in the way we saw above.

However, the game of blackjack allows the player to make some interventions even after the game has already started. For example, splitting hands, doubling down, and folding. Let’s see how to act in specific cases.

Double the bet

Double the bet

The game of blackjack allows the player to double the bet after receiving two cards. The player can double the bet, if it is convenient, according to the basic strategy in blackjack. In case he wins, he must remove from his list, in addition to the two bet amounts, the corresponding amount of the remaining numbers. If he loses, he must write down the sum of the basic values twice.

Split hands

When cards of the same value are dealt, the player has the option of splitting the cards into two separate hands. The player can split the bet, if appropriate, based on basic blackjack strategy. As it is necessary for the bettor to make another bet, the rules will be the same for doubling the bet.

Backing out

At some blackjack tables, the player has the ability to surrender and end the game early and keep half the amount he bet. In this case, the bettor must write down at the end of the list 50% of the amount bet, which corresponds to the amount lost.


Whatever type of blackjack and whatever strategy you use, never use insurance. The insurance further increases the earnings of the house.

Apply practice to theory

Did you also find the Labouchere system ingenious? Due to its wide use in various games, it is a type of wager management methodology that is worth using.

In addition to being useful for blackjack, the Labouchere system can also be used for roulette, bingo, baccarat, and other games found on the Bodog website. Take the opportunity to use the theory you learned in this article to beat the house. Good luck!

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