Publications 2010-2016

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Les références et liens fournis ici aux livres et divers ouvrages le sont dans la langue de publication des documents produits par les chefs de mission, ou les conjoint(e)s qui ont produit des documents reliés à la vie à l’étranger. Les membres sont invités à nous faire connaître d’autres documents d’intérêt. Les documents antérieurs à 2010 sont disponibles en cliquant ici. / References and links to books and other work are provided in the language of publication by Heads of Mission, or spouses who produced documents linked to life abroad. We welcome all additional inputs.  Documents prior to 2010 are available by clicking here.

Livres et rapports / Books and Reports

Balloch, Howard, Semi-Nomadic Anecdotes, 712 pages, Lulu Publishing Services, 2013.

Bartleman, James, Exceptional Circumstances, 256 pages, Dundurn, 2015
The Redemption of Oscar Wolf, 272 pages, Dundurn, 2013
— As Long as the Rivers Flow, 250 pages, Alfred Knopf, 2011

Bissonnet, Marcella, L’étrange trouble de Martha Rheiner, Edilivre, 2013.
Tina ou la mort dans un champ de maïs et autres pièces de théâtre, 232 pages, Edilivre, 2012.
Neuf litres de riz et autres nouvelles, 80 pages, Edilivre, 2010.
Vide de passage, 312 pages, Edilivre, 2010

Bowker, Alan, A Time Such as There Never Was Before – Canada After the Great War, 444 pages, Dundurn, 2014.

Burney, Derek and Hampson, Fen Olser, A brave New Canada: Meeting the Challenge of a Brave New World, 244 pages, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014.

Coghlan, Nicholas, Winter in Fireland: A Patagonian Sailing Adventure, 496 pages, University of Alberta Press, 2011.

de Hoog, Adrian, Natalia’s Peace, 339 pages,  Adytum Publishing, 2011.

de Kerchhove, Ferry, Les perspectives stratégiques du Canada – L’éclipse de la raison 2015, (The Strategic Outlook for Canada – the eclipse of reason 2015), Cahier Vimy 22, Institut de la Conférence des associations de la défense, Otttawa, février 2015, 64 pages.

Dupuy, Michel, Amours infidèles, 256 pages, Del busso, 2016.
Diplomate de père en fils, Carte Blanche, 2012

Fowler, Robert R., A Season in Hell, My 130 Days in the Sahara with Al Qaeda, 342 pages, HarperCollins, 2011. Ma saison en enfer: 130 jours dans le Sahara aux mains de Al-Qaida, Québec-Amérique, 2013.

Hage, Robert, Risk, Prevention and Opportunity: Northern Gateway and the Marine Environment, MacDonald Laurier Institute, 42 pages, March 2015.

Heinbecker, Paul, Getting Back in the Game, A Foreign Policy Playbook for Canada (2nd Edition), 311 pages, Dundurn, 2011;
— and Fen Hampson eds., Canada Among Nations 2009-10: As Others See Us, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2010 (incuding former HOMs Louise Fréchette, Canada and the United Nations: A Shadow of its Former Self, John Graham, Canadian Policy in the Americas: Between Rhetoric and Reality – A Needless Dance, Carolyn McAskie, Canadian Aid – More, Not Less, Is Needed, John Schram, Canada and Africa: Where Has Canada Gone?).

Higham, Robin, ed, Declassified: Extraits des cahiers personnels d’anciens diplomates canadiens-Excerpts from the personal notebooks of former Canadian diplomats, 195 pages, Baico Publishing, 2016
— What Would You Say?, Commoners, 2015

Kinsman, Jeremy and Bassuener, Kurt, A Diplomat’s Handbook for Democracy Development Support, Third Edition, The Centre for International Governance Innovation in partnership with the Council for a Community of Democracies, 2013.

Kneale, John G., Volcano Rising: An Ambassador’s Diary, Baico Publishing, 2013.

Lapointe, ChristianRetour au carré de sable, 263 pages, Éditions des Amériques, 2015.

Lessard, Jacqueline, La menace du cygne, 392 pages, Québec-Amérique, 2012.
Un homme sincère, 341 pages, Hurtubise, 2011.
Une affaire de conscience, 422 pages, Hurtubise, 2010.

Malone, David, International Development: Ideas, Experience, and Prospects, co-edited with Bruce Currie-Alder, Ravi Kanbur and Rohinton Medhora, OxfordUniversity Press, 2014.
Nepal in Transition: From Civil War to Fragile Peace, co-edited with Sebastian von Einsiedel and Suman Pradhan, Cambridge University Press, 2012.
Does the Elephant Dance? Contemporary Indian Foreign Policy, 432 pages, Oxford UP, 2011.

Mulroney, David, Middle Power, Middle Kingdom: What Canadians Need to Know about China in the 21st Century, Penguin Canada, 2015.

Nutting, Clair, And Those who Husbanded the Golden Grain, 1911 KB, e-book, Amazon, 2015.
A Piece of Cake, 2755 KB, e-book, Amazon, 2015.
Where the Condo Soars, 874 KB, e-book, Amazon, 2014
The Bogeyman, 2166 KB, e-book, Amazon, 2014.

Pardy, Gar, Afterwords: From a Foreign Service Odyssey, 606 pages, Friesenpress, 2015.
— The Long Way Home: the Saga of Omar Khadr, in Omar Khadr, Oh Canada, Janice Williamson Editor, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal, 2012.

Pardy, Laurel, A Lady of Lunenburg: Nova Scotia 1752, 332 pages, Trafford Publishing, 2010.
Life on a Carousel : a non-diplomatic memoir, 160 pages, Trafford Publishing, 2010.

Schram, Alena, The Opiniated Old Cow: Ruminations from the Field, 121 pages, Cowdy House, 2014

Valaskakis, Kimon, Buffets and Breadlines: Is the World Really Broke or Just Grossly Mismanaged?, Authorhouse, 306 pages, 2013.
— and Zo Alahouzou (eds), Governing Globalization: Lessons from the Past, Strategies for the Future, Xlibris, 488 pages, 2011.