Holiday Reception December 2019

Once again, RHOMA hosted its annual holiday reception  on December 10, 2019  at our old stomping grounds  at  125 Sussex – the Pearson Building – under the kind sponsorship of Global Affairs Canada Deputy Minister Marta Morgan.  

The view from the 9th floor  is spectacular at this time of year, and the warmth and comradeship of the assembled 116 RHOMA members and their guests was the best present of all, as these photos attest. 

The highlight of the reception was the introduction of Ambassadors of Note’, an initiative undertaken by RHOMA Board members.  Twenty former Ambassadors were celebrated for their contributions to foreign policy and global events.  Three of these Ambassadors attended the reception and received framed certificates acknowledging their contributions:  Louise Fréchette, Paul Heinbecker and Robert Fowler.  You can read more about the Ambassadors of Note initiative on the RHOMA web site or in the upcoming President’s Annual Report.

For the second year, pianist Nicholas Deek played classical and seasonal music. Hidden RHOMA talents emerged as a robust choir formed around the piano!

A  lovely time was had by all – and once again we were able to appreciate all the respect and affection our unique community shares with one another.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, and a Great 2020 to you and yours!

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