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In the President’s Annual Report sent on February 10/2020, mention was made of the recent MOU signed with Canada’s National Cemetery– Beechwood. The text of that MOU is attached along with an informational brochure prepared by Beechwood  which is directed specifically toward RHOMA members. A link to the section of the Beechwood Cemetery website dedicated to the Canadian foreign service is provided: HERE.

To recall, the salient points are that RHOMA members are entitled to a ten percent discount for all funeral services and caskets for families–with minor exceptions; and a similar discount off regular rates on the purchase of internment rights (land, niche or crypt), and on memorials (monument or marker).

RHOMA also plans to undertake work with the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada on the creation of a final badge/Coat of Arms which can be placed on memorials at Beechwood OR any other cemetery or location in Canada which will signal the person was associated with RHOMA and has had a career in the Foreign Service.

Additionally, we intend to develop a joint project plan with Beechwood for the fundraising, design and construction of a cenotaph, located at Beechwood, which will be dedicated to RHOMA members and Foreign Service personnel and which will include those persons listed on the Memorial to the Fallen inside the Pearson building. In the interim we will be creating a “digital cenotaph”. (Please let us know of any colleagues of whom you are aware are interred at Beechwood so we can cross reference them with our list.)

Beechwood also has undertaken additional measures to highlight RHOMA and diplomacy, including on its website.

Should you or your family members wish to avail yourself of this initiative, please directly contact our representative at Beechwood:

Manon Bourbeau
(613) 696-0106
Toll free (866) 990-9530

RHOMA -ACMAR Beechwood info brochure Eng

RHOMA -ACMAR cover letter to Beechwood Cemetery




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