President’s Message

Gilles Rivard, President of RHOMA

RHOMA’s members – a diverse collection of former Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consuls General – revel in the prospect of enjoying on-going collegiality, challenges of post-retirement careers and a common repository of foreign service experience to draw from and celebrate. They also remain interested in Canadian diplomacy and wish to see their Association engaged in advancing Canada’s international relations.  RHOMA’s web presence is central to delivering on these objectives.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to RHOMA’s newly updated web site

Contained in the links to this web site is a host of valuable connections. Visitors to the site will find the Association’s objectives, its activities and events and, most of all, one can see how RHOMA remains involved in Canada’s international relations, The site also has information on past members, biographies, speakers and their topics, lecture texts (as permitted) and an In Memoriam section of Heads of Mission and spouses who have passed on. As well, the site also has a password-protected “Members Only” section where additional content restricted to members can be found. It is also where we shall create a “Members Forum” to allow for a RHOMA-only discussion on relevant subjects.” to  “It is also where we shall create a “RHOMA Forum” to allow for a members-only discussion on relevant subjects

In RHOMA’s constant quest for improvement and value, feedback is welcomed: simply contact us at

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